Residential Care Homes for People with Learning Disabilities, Warrington, Cheshire
Community Care Matters Limited

 All facilities provided by Community Care Matters Limited have taken into account:


The requirements of National and Local legislation, which include those of the placing authorities, Fire Safety Authority and the Environmental Health Department




Everyone is encouraged to:


Make choices.

Play an active part in the day-to-day running of the home.

Maintain contact with friends and relatives.

Follow their cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs.

Explore new activities, sports and pastimes.

Plan and enjoy annual holidays.

Live a valued lifestyle.





Personal care to include:










Hair Care


Foot Care


Skin Care


Support of Continence


Sleep and Rest


Promotion of good health


Support in accessing community health facilities and appointments


Management of specific associated disorders - eg. Epilepsy


Management and administration of medicines


Emotional needs


Diet and weight


Psychological needs


Management of behavior